Bendable Sponge


  • • Foam Sponge: long handle sponge is ideal to use for cleaning hard-to-reach areas across the office or house such as fans, blinds and cabinets. You can also use it in the shower or bath
  • • Hassle-Free Mobility Aid: this Long Handle Round Sponge helps clean hard-to-reach regions, prevents uncomfortable stretching and bending and is perfect for those with limited motion range
  • • Versatile: the figure 8 shape of the soft foam sponge makes it gentle on sensitive skin
  • • Size: Sponge is 5 in. and the long handle is 17.5 in. Handle bends for easier use
  • • Latex-free: figure 8 sponge has been crafted without latex to avoid harmful allergies






The name says is it all! The I Got Your Back Long Handle Figure 8 Sponge tells you exactly what it does: a reliable way to reach all those unreachable areas. Figure in the figure-8 gentle foam sponge that tenderly navigates sensitive skin, as well as the customizable plastic handle, and you know it really does have your back!