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Deluxe Wheelchair Oxygen Cylinder Pouch, Black







The Healthline Trading medical Deluxe Wheelchair Carry Pouch/Oxygen Tank Holder is a practical solution. Made of rugged nylon material, this bag for portable oxygen tanks is very easy to clean, maintain and dry. This particular portable oxygen holder is compatible with oxygen cylinders Type D & E. This economy oxygen bag is created for those patients who need a continuous oxygen supply on the go and can accommodate most Wheelchairs. Cylinder with oxygen fits right in and is well supported by the bag’s structure. An adjustable strap allows for several adjustments to find the perfect fit. The oxygen tank holder/bag for wheelchairs/walker is an economical alternative to steel tank holders. This holder positions the tank off-center to avoid interference with the head and back. Made of heavy-duty, waterproof, strong but lightweight nylon. Fits User: Seniors, Patient, Elderly. Cleaning: Machine washable, Hand wash. Colour: Black