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Heel-Gel Elevation Boot - For Heel Ulcers & Pressure Sores







Heel-Gel Elevation Boot with a new closure system provides choice of two ways to secure the boot: 1. Both straps across the ankle. 2. One strap across the ankle and the other strap over the foot. This option should be utilized when the patients foot is unstable or tends to move rearward in the boot. Features: - Suspends the heel over an air cavity creating zero pressure on the heel. - Provides complete pressure relief; prevents pressure sores from forming, and aids in healing existing ulcers. - Water-based gel insert relieves the pressure on and below the ankle, and provides the opportunity for hot or cold therapy. - Soft, brushed fabric cover reduces skin shear and removes moisture. - Velcro strips are sewn to fabric bands to prevent skin abrasion. - Cushioned sides protect lateral and medial malleolus. - Closure design eliminates skin contact with hook-and-loop straps. - Anti-foot-drop construction controls dorsal flexion. - Machine washable. - Meets CA #117