Paper Surgical Tape Micropore Type


  • • Strong Hold, Easy Release: Ensures dressings stay put while allowing for painless removal without leaving behind sticky residue.
  • • Hypoallergenic for Skin Safety: Hypoallergenic and soft, making it safe for all skin conditions, including sensitive skin.
  • • Reliable Paper Build: Offers robustness for secure applications, while maintaining breathability for skin health.
  • • Perfect for Fragile Areas: Excellent for attaching dressings on sensitive or thin skin, ensuring comfort and protection.
  • • Trusted by Specialists: Use any Sterex Medical product, and you will know why healthcare professionals ask for Sterex by name.






The tough tape with the tender touch! The Sterex Surgical Micropore Tape offers the best of both worlds: it adheres really well, yet is super gentle on the skin. It also manages to leave minimal residue when you remove it. This hypoallergenic paper tape is perfect for small to medium dressings and taping fragile skin.