Proactive Medical 80065 Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Overlay Raised Rail System


  • • Low air loss and alternating pressure therapies
  • • Comes with digital pump and weight setting
  • • 36”x80”x11”
  • • Water-proof, nylon top cover
  • • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

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Proactive Medical's Protekt Aire 6000 System w/Foam Raised Rails is the preferred choice by clinicians treating stage I-IV pressure ulcers. The combination of low air loss and alternating pressure therapies provide an unparalleled pressure redistribution surface. The PROTEKT® AIRE 6000 Pump features a user friendly LED touch panel which provides easy access to 4 alternating cycles 10, 15, 20 & 25 minutes allowing clinicians to customize therapy. The seat-inflate feature helps protect the patient when they are in the fowler position. The auto firm mode is for quick inflation, and the static mode provides firm support for egress or ingress from mattress or side edge seating. There are 3 audible and visual alarms; low pressure, power failure and alternating failure. The Protekt® Aire 6000 mattress has a unique cell-on-cell design which incorporates a one way valve which will hold air in the lower 4" of the cells in the event of a power failure. The 18 laser holes keep the patient cool and dry. The nylon top cover is fluid resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial and quilted for added comfort. The mattress's pillow top feature prevents head and neck from unnecessary movement during alternating mode. Foam raised rails are also included in the Protekt Aire 6000 system. The dimensions are 36”x80”x8"/11” and the weight capacity is 450 lbs.