Bordered Gauze Dressing Sterile, Box of 120


  • • Two Size Options: offered in two essential sizes, these gauze pads provide targeted coverage for both small and larger wounds, allowing for precise application and effective wound management.
  • • Hypoallergenic Material: Crafted to prevent skin irritation, this hypoallergenic wound dressing is perfect for those with sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and safety during the healing process.
  • • Gentle and Non-Adherent: Designed for sensitive skin, this dressing combines soft gauze with a non-adherent central pad for pain-free changes without disturbing the healing process.
  • • Sterility Assured: Each gauze comes sterilized, ensuring it is free from bacteria and safe to use on open wounds, which is crucial in preventing infection and promoting a healthy healing environment.
  • • Trusted by Specialists: Use any Sterex Medical product, and you will know why healthcare professionals ask for Sterex by name.






Bordered Gauze is a multi-purpose, all-inclusive, hypoallergenic wound dressing that saves nursing time and is gentle to delicate skin. A non-adherent pad paired with a conforming beveled spun lace tape creates a secure, comfortable dressing. Gentle Bordered Gauze can serve as a primary or secondary dressing, and meets Medicare guidelines for a secondary dressing.