Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium, 2-Ply (Pack of 200)


  • • FIRST-AID ESSENTIALS: This top quality professional-grade alcohol prep pad is designed for maximum anti-contamination protection and comfort to clean from small wounds, cuts, and acne to sanitizing skin areas prior to injections.
  • • DOUBLE THICKNESS: Highly absorbent and soft 2ply construction that's ideal for any type of skin.
  • • STERILE: Sterilized alcohol prep pads saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Single-use packs to maintain sterility and freshness for each use.
  • • FOR PROFESSIONAL & HOME USE: Use any Sterex Medical product, and you will know why healthcare professionals ask for Sterex by name.






Before you insert a needle, there’s a point to be aware of! Bacteria, oils, and residue need to be effectively removed from the skin, and these Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads have just the topical antiseptic to do the job. The sterile, nonwoven pads, saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, are soft and absorbent.