The Wiping Wand-Long Reach Hygienic Cleaning Aid


  • • VITAL ASSISTANCE: Crafted to assist individuals who struggle with bending, twisting, and reaching, this toilet aid promotes independence at home, enabling users to perform the wiping task safely and respectfully on their own.
  • • ROBUST BUILD: Constructed from durable ABS plastic, this necessary device ensures longevity and reliability. Its soft, flexible end provides comfort against the skin while maintaining durability.
  • • ERGONOMICALLY CRAFTED: This tool features an ergonomic design that aids those with limited mobility. Its comfortable handle and extended reach of over 15 inches make it easy to use, facilitating wiping from various angles.
  • • ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENCE: Increasingly, individuals require aid with wiping due to reduced mobility from accidents, surgeries, strokes, or other conditions. This tool is perfect for those seeking assistance without depending on others.
  • • SIMPLE OPERATION: To use, simply attach a few sheets of toilet paper or a moist wipe to the soft, flexible head. The head holds the material securely for efficient cleaning. After use, a push on the actuator release button easily disposes of the tissue.

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Sterex The Wiping Wand-Long Reach Hygienic Cleaning Aid